Radiant Atmospheres is a great lighting company to work with and even more fun to shoot lighting photography for.  We were hired to light up the Sun Stage for the full solar eclipse of 2012 at Pyramid Lake, NV and had to deal with intense weather, exhausting hours, and not so great Krishna food (still have to love them, though!)  During the gathering festival, I went around to shoot some of the sights and people.  The LED lit up jewel of Symbiosis, the Gathering was our stage. We worked hard to make the magic happen and I loved getting some amazing light images to show for it.

All photos are copyright, MuchThumpPhoto, 2012, 2013, respectively. Rafael Reynolds is sole photographer and any and all reproductions and use is forbidden without prior written permission.





























The Sun Stage at Symbiosis the Gathering at Pyramid Lake, Nevada (NV) May, 2012. Working with Radiant Atmospheres to set up the lights and getting to shoot some amazing LED lighting photography along with such a great crowd and sound on a Funktion One sound system was an illuminating experience.





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